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Your Trip To Australia

The visa that you apply for depends upon whether you are coming for work, holiday or business. The first step in applying is going to the Australian Government’s website. The website has all the information about the different kinds of visas and can help you decide on the one you should apply for.

There is also a ‘Find visa tool’ to help you in a better way.

You can apply online by making an ImmiAccount. Through this, you can submit, pay and manage all your visa applications. Most visas have a fee attached which is non-refundable. The application for the visa should be filled with accurate information while being fully completed. Also, all the relevant documents should be given so that your application is accepted without any delay or rejection. Furthermore, you can use a migration agent or lawyer if you have any complications in the visa application process.

The website gives information on the Conditions of the Visa. It is important that you know what you can and cannot do once you are granted an Australian visa.

After you are given a visa, you can stay in Australia till the date of its expiration or in other cases, till the date specified. Depending on the visa, you may not be allowed to work in Australia or maybe allowed to work for a specific number of hours. Similarly, you might be allowed to leave and re-enter Australia a specific number of times or in some cases just once.

Adhering to these conditions is really important if you want to stay in Australia.

The Australian department conducts checks on the people and thus, there are serious consequences for those who break their visa conditions. If it is found that you have deliberately breached a visa condition, then your visa can be cancelled or you can even be banned.