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Moving Items into the Country

As mentioned earlier, goods that are worth AUD 1,000 or less will not be charged with taxes or duties. Whereas, those that are valued more than AUD 1,000 will need an Import Declaration and will be charged for taxes and duties. There are certain goods that you will pay a duty for regardless of their value, and then there are those that you cannot bring into the country at all. For the people importing for the first time, it is advised that they use the services of a customs broker to help them get their goods cleared.

First-time or Infrequent Importers

If you are a first-time or an infrequent importer, then it is strongly recommended for you to work through a customs broker. They can help you with everything, such as, submitting Import Declaration forms and its processing through the Integrated Cargo System.  They will charge you for their services but they can also lower the required processing fee through their connections. A customs broker can be contacted online or through the local Yellow Pages.

You can also clear the goods yourself through the Australia Post, which will provide limited assistance and that too for first-time importers only. To go through the process, you will need to submit an invoice, airway or landing bill, and other documents such as packing list, insurance papers, etc.