Passing Through the Border

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Passing Through the Border

Entering Australia

Features info for those entering the country, such as:

  • Using a passport to pass through the SmartGate when entering the country.

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Leaving Australia

Info for those departing the country, featuring:

  • Using a passport to pass through the SmartGate when leaving the country

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Passenger Card

Features info for those coming into and out the country:

  • Instructions on obtaining a passenger card
  • Passenger card for those leaving the country
  • Passenger card for those coming into the country

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Advice for Passengers

Features info on things to do/not do while entering/exiting the country.

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Tracking Migration

Features info for passengers:

  • Instructions for accessing border migration records
  • MAL – Movement Alert List
  • Info concerning Advance Passengers
  • RMAS – Regional Movement Alert System

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