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Purchasing Goods Online

For the goods that you have bought over the internet, same rules will be applied for the screening process and the duties as for any other good which is imported. The extra information that you need to know is that firstly, there are no taxes, duties or charges payable on the goods that are for lower than or equal to AUD 1,000. Whereas for the things that cost more than AUD 1,000, you not only need to pay duties, taxes and charges, but also fill out the Import Declaration form. The next thing to know is that there are goods, for example, alcohol, and tobacco, on which you need to pay taxes and duties regardless of what they are worth, along with those that you just cannot bring into the country or for whom you need a special permit.

Items That You Can Import

To know about the products that you can bring into the country and those that you cannot, you need to read the section on prohibited and restricted imports. The goods might be x-rayed and scanned before they are allowed into the country. Also, the imported items might need to get cleared by the Department of Agriculture before they are delivered.


The worth of the goods that are imported and the method through which they come in to Australia determine how clearance is given and what taxes, charges, and duties are applied to them.

At times when you order goods through the internet, they might be delivered directly to you if they were ordered from an Australian company. But you might have to pay taxes and duties on them in such cases.

There are also goods that are known as low-value imports, and are valued at AUD 1,000 or below. On such goods, you don’t need to pay taxes or duties, except for alcohol, tobacco, and its products.

If low-value imports arrive in Australia through the sea or by air, then they have to go through a Self-Assessed Clearance (SAC). This is usually done by the cargo company and there are no additional charges for this.

For the goods that arrive through mail or post, they don’t require a SAC declaration.

For the goods that valued at more than AUD 1,000, there is a need to make an Import Declaration. This is a document which provides details on the goods that you are importing. There are processing charges applied if you wish to make an Import Declaration. Also on these imports, you will need to pay taxes and duties.

You should also keep in mind that if you changed you mind or you do not like the product that you have imported and you want to send it back, then you will not get a refund on the duties that you paid for its import. However, there is another option. If you export the item that you imported, then you can be entitled to a withdrawal of the duty that you paid.

Sometimes the customs and border protection might seize imported products which are counterfeited or pirated. This is because, in Australia, importing and selling of counterfeited products is illegal and can result in prosecution.