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Becoming an Australian Citizen

To be eligible for an Australian citizenship you need to be a permanent resident of Australia, meet the requirements for residence, be of a good character, and intend to live or maintain a continuing and close association with Australia.

Along with these preliminary conditions there would be some other official requirements as well which you will have to fulfil. Firstly, you would have to ensure you have lived the required amount of time in Australia before you apply for the citizenship.

Then you would have to obtain and collect the documents that would need to go with your application. These may include birth certificates and passports etcetera. The third step would be to apply and pay the required fee. The application will be assessed thoroughly by the officials and you will be advised on what to do next once the assessment is complete.

Next an appointment will be set for you where you would either be asked to sit in a citizenship test or give an interview. This step will also be considered when the application is being reviewed. If the assessment is cleared, then you would be invited to a ceremony where you will have to make the Australian Citizenship Pledge. This would be the last step of the process and you would be an Australian citizen after this.